The origin

Anne Lichter studied psychology with a degree in the subject developmental psychology, as well as industrial and organizational psychology at the University Leopold Franzen of Innsbruck, Austria. Her thesis includes transsexualism with the title « Transsexualität- Diskriminierung durch die Gesellschaft”. Currently Anne is finishing her training in psychological Psychotherapist at the University of Treves, Germany.

After training in the clinical field as well as in human resources, the desire and need crystallized out more and more, to help people in need, or whether listen only with a good advice to simple.

The idea of Psycholink was born.

Psycholink is a platform where people can find help and advice in difficult life situations.
Where people with the same life stories can meet in a protected environment, or can write to a psychologist, anonymous and free.

Psycholink is a virtual place of refuge, which is everywhere, always accessible for everyone.